Golfino impalpabile rosa di “Rose Carmine”

in vendita da WP STORE Via Marsilio da Padova, 22 35139 Padova 049 663562WP Padova

For many years the designer Sandrine Ganem has been working and perfecting her sense of colour. Her hand-painted china and ceramic collections have been sold worldwide and her work has been the subject of many exhibitions.
The Rose Carmine collection is an invitation to a daily and timeless fashion matching colours and shapes. The make brings a different way to think about knitwear which here becomes modern, authentic and luxurious because of the time needed for the creation and the care given to the manufacturing of each hand-knit product.

Rose Carmine is a brand with a strong identity and a customized style and imagery. One needs beauty, softness, comfort and joie de vivre. Rose Carmine conjures up our deepest memories, from childhood… In a Rose Carmine jumper one feels like in a cosy nest, like resting on a cloud.